Lean and Mean

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1. Why I'm Here

2. Mindset

3. Fat Loss Shopping Lists

4. Food Track Hacks

5. High Protein Recipes

6. The Warm Up

7. The Lean and Mean 8 Week Programme

8. Closing Thoughts

Brief Description

I was inspired to create this book during my own fat loss journey.

Thankfully, I documented everything I went through to lose 15kg of body fat and achieve peak condition.

From mistakes made, to time saving hacks. It's about making this journey as smooth as possible for you.

This is my step by step process that got me into the best physical and mental shape of my life.

That's what I want for you too.

You aren't supposed to get by in life low on confidence and self esteem.

You shouldn't be ashamed of taking your top off on holiday, or disheartened when you try on a nice shirt and realise it doesn't fit the way you hoped it would.

I want you to feel strong, confident, and fit enough to tackle whatever life throws at you.

This programme isn't just about looking better - It's about feeling unstoppable.

We go deeper than gaining surface level changes. We expand into learnings on Mindset Strategies and Nutrition Practice.

Things that are going to benefit and stick with you long after you've consumed it.

Lean and Mean isn't about being some ripped angry person - It's about being aggressive with your approach to carve the body you want.

We don't achieve big results by going easy.

We go all in.

You'll be granted access to your own app to track and monitor progress over the 8 weeks.

As a bonus you'll have access for a whole year! So you can repeat the cycle and aim to do better than last time, or you can adapt it and make it your own.

It's all yours!

About Your Coach

I'm a Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach accredited with UKSCA. I've worked with a wide range of people, from business owners to professional athletes.

Amongst all levels, the results are the same. Improved health, fitness, strength, and mindset to live a happier and healthy life.

Are you ready to begin a new path which could change your life?

All for the price of a burger and chips?

Click - I want this - to set in motion a new turn of events that can change your body and mind for good.

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Lean and Mean

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